The job of a truck driver can be quite interesting. But sometimes, especially on long routes, it can be quite boring. If you’re driving alone, or your driving partner is asleep, you need something to make your trip more interesting and break the boredom.

Many drivers today listen to the radio, music, or a podcast while driving. For you, we have compiled a list of 10 interesting podcasts for truck drivers that you can enjoy, hear something new from your field of interest, and have fun so that your trip goes by faster.


1. Big Rig Banter

A trucking podcast that educates and entertains truck drivers one conversation at a time. Experienced journalists run the show with exclusive interviews that get to the heart of the trucking industry. Whether you’re new to truck driving or a veteran of 30 years, join us as we talk to familiar faces from the transportation industry.

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2. The Trucking Podcast

Father and son truckers talk about trucking, business, trucks, cars and whatever else comes to mind.

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3. Over the Road

Over the Road is an eight-part series that gives voice to the trials and triumphs of America’s long-haul truckers. The story of American long haul truckers, the changing industry and culture. Host “Long Haul Paul” Marhoefer, a musician, storyteller and trucker for nearly 40 years, takes you behind the wheel to explore a devoted community and a world that’s changing amidst new technologies and regulations.

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4. Trucking for Millennials

The podcast is about what’s happening within trucking industry today and discovering how the next generation of trucking and logistics professionals are impacting the supply chain.

Weekly topical discussions, expert interviews, and real stories from the people moving and managing freight across the country as Michael Clements, Aaron Dunn, and the rest of the PDQ America team engage with the future of freight happening now.

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5. Ask The Trucker “LIVE”

Allen Smith’s Ask The Trucker “LIVE”. Focusing on Driver Health, Careers, Regulations and the Important Issues facing the Industry. Allen Smith is a 34 year veteran of the trucking industry, many of those years spent as an over the road driver. He has been an owner operator, a company driver, operations manager, and has owned and operated a successful cross country moving company.

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