Even though you are a good connoisseur of routes, it is not out of place to have another “perfectionist” who will guide you in a subtle voice to the desired destination. It’s enough to install one of these navigation applications on your Android or iPhone.

There are many applications which you can use as a navigation system on a smartphone. Such applications are very useful because they can inform you about traffic jams and redirect you to a route without crowds. But these are not the only advantage of such navigation systems, there are also warnings about speeding, installed radars, notifications about various service facilities such as markets, restaurants, parking, gas stations and the like.



This is a system that contains a range of options and functions that you can use. In addition to working offline and not requiring internet, it has a beautiful 3D user look that turns your trip into a small trip to an already visited place. iGO instills confidence in its precise calculations and guidance. It is fast and supports maps of the whole world, and the most important thing is that you can change maps and update them with new ones in a simple way. All you have to do is delete the old maps in the “maps” folder and copy the new ones to that place.

This range of options also includes voice guidance that you can set to be female or male. Also, iGO supports almost all languages, so you will be guided in a language you understand. There is also an option that informs you that there is a gas station, restaurant, checkpoint, radar nearby and whether you have exceeded the speed limit. The installation of this system is quite a bit complicated, but if you contact a good connoisseur of these systems in half an hour, it should be packed and ready to work.


Google Maps

The Google Maps application is widely known to most Android phone users. Google has invested a lot in this application and has brought it almost to perfection. They have recently added an option to save folders for offline use.

This move has raised this application high and is now listed as one of the best satellite navigation applications. You can find various functions on the Google Maps application, and the ones that stand out are: field map view, travel mode, selection of the secondary route and the possibility of online and offline use. And the biggest trump cards are the “street view” and the images that are marked for the location you are heading to. The design and aesthetics are now in line with the “material design” concept recently introduced by Google. In addition to Android phones, it is available on Apple and Windows devices.



Undoubtedly Sygic rules in this niche. It offers a lot as well as high resolution maps that are easier and faster to display. Considering that Map`s & GPS Navigation by Sygic can be found on the market and that the installation is more than simple, it should probably take the first place on this list. The reason it is not is because you have to buy a lifetime license to make full use of this navigation system. It’s not so bad when you see what you get by buying a license.



Many travellers use Waze not knowing that this is also one of Google’s applications, since they bought this competitor in 2013. However, many opt for Waze instead of gMaps due to several items:

Waze is being improved with the help of the community that uses it. the user can enter current information about the situation on the road while driving (of course not while driving, but when he stops somewhere). The application will sometimes ask the user to provide the given information and confirm if it is on that part of the road.

You can also connect with smaller groups of vehicles, if you organize a joint trip with two or more cars. It also offers alternative roads and routes if there are any traffic disruptions on the main road.

The application is completely free, but requires you to always be online. Offline variant is not possible.

You can mark the addresses you visit more often and the directions you go to more often as “favorites”, and the application remembers and sends information if there are any changes.

You can also store restaurants, gas stations, cafes, hotels, ATMs and other pit-stop locations and send information to friends online.

For those who value privacy, Waze may not be a favorite because it requires a constant online presence, sending data to the service and other users, as well as other users. On the other hand, this can be useful to catch some benefits, promotions or discounts at gas stations and other service points.



For over ten years, there has been an OpenStreetMap project in which users enter their maps and their notes in order to get the most accurate road map with current data on vacation spots, road works, new routes, etc.
After a quick registration, a map opens up where you can easily plan your route from start to finish.

OpenStreetMap is a free application and is open licensed, which means that you can print and share the map legally.

As with gMaps, you can enter a destination, and you can get information about streets and railways. Under different categories, you can see various locations worth visiting, attractions, museums, galleries, but also industrial areas or railway stations.

If you want to enter a route instead of just a destination, the app will offer you a choice between traveling on foot, by bike or by car.
The application itself is funded on a voluntary basis so there are no advertisements. If you are interested, you can contribute to them by giving your folders, remodel existing folders or if you are a developer you can help under the hood.

OpenStreetMap is a great thing for those who care about open-licensed and free-to-use maps, without warning of legality that might plague someone’s conscience, or in other countries where these laws are stricter. The site is quite sufficient for route planning, although the contents of the maps are not as extensive as with gMaps.